Professional Bio

Donna Janke is an award-winning Canadian fiction and non-fiction writer.  She is a member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild. She is married and has an adult daughter. She and her husband live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She loves discovering treasures close to home as much as exploring the rest of the world. She writes about her travels for various magazines as well as her own travel site Destinations Detours and Dreams.

More About Donna

Donna’s love of words and stories began as child. An avid reader, her mother often had to call her several times to bring her out of the story and back to real life for dinner or chores.

Donna grew up in a small Manitoba town with a younger sister and a younger brother. She was surrounded by a large extended family who taught her about faith, family, community, the value of hard work, and the importance of play.  When she was seventeen, she moved to Winnipeg to attend the University of Manitoba, where she studied computer science. After a successful career in the information technology industry, Donna retired to devote more time to her writing.

Donna and her husband have an adult daughter, who lives on Canada’s west coast. Donna feels blessed to have both her husband and daughter in her life. They have taught her about love, life, and the joy of following your heart.

When she isn’t writing, Donna enjoys reading, visiting with friends and family, and playing her piano. She loves to travel. You can follow her travel blog at Destinations Detours and Dreams.

Connect with Donna

Donna can be found on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Contact her directly via her Contact page.