Short Fiction

Blueberry Pie in April 2015 issue of Pilcrow & Dagger

Postcards in Volume 14, Number One of Voices, the literary journal of Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group

The Scent of Geraniums and Petunias Fill the Air in Curious – The Tourist Guide, May 2014 edition

The Albums in Curious -The Tourist Guide, May 2014 edition

This Place Feels the Same as Always in Curious – The Tourist Guide, August 2013 edition


The Church Organ in Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas in Canada

Christmas in Canada

Dancing to a Live Band in Curious – The Tourist Guide, June 2014 edition

The Christmas Calendar in Curious – The Tourist Guide, December 2013 edition

Not Just for Children in Curious – The Tourist Guide, October 2013 edition

Book Reviews

The View from the Lane by Deborah-Anne Tunney in The Winnipeg Review

Pilgrimage by Diana Davidson in The Winnipeg Review

The Monkey Puzzle Tree by Sonia Tilson in The Winnipeg Review