Short Fiction

Blueberry Pie in April 2015 issue of Pilcrow & Dagger

Postcards in Volume 14, Number One of Voices, the literary journal of Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group

The Scent of Geraniums and Petunias Fill the Air in Curious – The Tourist Guide, May 2014 edition

The Albums in Curious -The Tourist Guide, May 2014 edition

This Place Feels the Same as Always in Curious – The Tourist Guide, August 2013 edition

Non-Fiction and Memoir

Panama Snowbird: Not in Arizona Anymore at INSPIRED Senior Living

Oranges, Chickens And The Reason I Signed Up For Spanish Classes at The Expeditioner

The Church Organ in Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas in Canada

Christmas in Canada

Dancing to a Live Band in Curious – The Tourist Guide, June 2014 edition

The Christmas Calendar in Curious – The Tourist Guide, December 2013 edition

Not Just for Children in Curious – The Tourist Guide, October 2013 edition

Book Reviews

The View from the Lane by Deborah-Anne Tunney in The Winnipeg Review

Pilgrimage by Diana Davidson in The Winnipeg Review

The Monkey Puzzle Tree by Sonia Tilson in The Winnipeg Review

Travel Writing

See Destinations Detours and Dreams