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Writers are creative people. Sometimes our most creative moments come when finding ways to avoid putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard. Here are some avoidance techniques that have worked particularly well for me.

  • Keep your your email program and all social media network sites you participate in open on your desktop while you are attempting to write. Interrupt your writing every time you hear a ping or receive a notice that someone has an update or new message for you. Read that update, respond, and enter into the conversation.
  • Reread what you have written to this point many times, admiring the cadence of your words, tweaking here and there as you see fit.
  • Use Google to research facts you want to incorporate into your writing. Allow yourself to be carried away into interesting but unrelated areas.
  • Make lists of what you need to do next with your writing projects.
  • Use Pinterest as a tool when creating characters. Find their clothing styles and home decor there. Then become side-tracked with interesting recipes, the latest cleaning tip, the dress you’d love to wear if you could fit into it, the funny quotes, and the crafts you’d like to do if you had time.
  • Try one of the crafts you found on Pinterest.
  • Organize your writing area. Find inspirational quotes and pictures to surround yourself with, to create the perfect ambiance and motivation.
  • Take a nap.
  • Research approaches to writing and tips from famous writers until you are so confused or conflicted you’re paralyzed. Do you start to write without a clear idea of where the story is going or do you create an outline first? Do you build in-depth character profiles before writing or allow the characters to reveal themselves as you write?
  • Clean and organize closets. This is a long-standing avoidance technique I discovered years ago when studying for exams at university.
  • Check your email and social media network sites again. There must have been updates in the last 30 minutes. Browse StumbleUpon.
  • Wait until you’ve completed every other chore on your to-do list before starting to write. That guarantees you’ll be too tired to write a word.
  • Post a blog entry on writing avoidance techniques.
What are your techniques for avoid writing or other tasks? Better yet, how do you stop avoiding?



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